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Ramon Zenker / Hardfloor

Dobra robota, moi drodzy! Another very good emulation of one of Mr. Kikumoto's classic masterpieces. Right in time for the big 808-revival in the Minimal-Techno-Scene.

Richie Hawtin

Finally 909 & 808 plugins that not only give you the original sounds and parameters to play with, but more in-depth control, and even some new places to tweak yours sounds like never before.

Chris Liebing

Been using the Drumazon and Nepheton a lot in my latest productions and now even use them both Live on stage. They are a great addition to any setup and provide you with loads of great sounding percussion grooves!

Peter Echoplex

Many thanks, unfortunately or fortunately, my classic boxes 909, 808, 606 and 303. All collect dust since I have received the D16 drum pack!
The TB-303, TR-808, TR-606 and TR-909 were originally produced by Roland®. Roland® is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation and/or Roland Corporation U.S. The reference to Roland® is made here strictly for the legitimate purpose of comparison, and it does not in any way imply Roland®'s permission or endorsement of D16's products.